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The Hand of God

Sunday 22nd September 2019, 1.45pm (day 2,950)

Playing Carcassonne, 22/9/19

I put in the Sunday afternoon challenge. Joe picked the game. Carcassonne begins.

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Board gaming

Monday 22nd April 2019, 5.40pm (day 2,797)

Halifax board games, 22/4/19

Something to do on a Bank Holiday Monday. Thanks to all that Australia stuff, the Easter break had a tenuous and extended beginning this year — but today was its definite end. Back to work tomorrow.

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Doug makes a connection

Sunday 21st January 2018, 3.25pm (day 2,341)

Playing connections, 21/1/18

I’m still not particularly well, and despite a tolerable interlude yesterday the weather basically continues very crappy: ‘Outside’ at the moment is a euphemism for ‘Being sprayed with icy precipitation in a variety of forms’. So, more board games then. And a visit from Doug, who thereby makes — in part — his third appearance on the blog.

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Joe plots his next move

Thursday 30th November 2017, 7.55pm (day 2,289)

Joe playing Harbor, 30/11/17

Evening entertainment at the end of a very cold day. Joe contemplates whether he should exchange three cucumbers for a pallet of fish in the costermongers’, or possibly whether he should felch his mortgage and cast down his pie to prevent his opponents accumulating so many nickels that he will no longer be able to buy any rabbits. At least, I think those were the rules. My haziness on these matters is probably why I finished third (out of three).

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Escaping from Atlantis

Saturday 14th March 2015, 7.55pm (day 1,297)

Atlantis, 14/3/15

It’s a board game, quite a good one in fact. Not an exciting weekend thus far but it doesn’t matter. I won, so hey, I rule.

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Tuesday 23rd December 2014, 2.00pm (day 1,216)

Cluedo, 23/12/14

You can tell my holidays have started. Here’s today’s board game, with added murder weapons: the vase, the mugs of tea, the Art Deco lamp.

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In the dentist’s, Colditz Castle

Sunday 20th April 2014, 2.35pm (day 969)

Escape from Colditz, 20/4/14

Well, you know. Kind of. It passes the time on an Easter Sunday afternoon.

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Chess v Jenga

Friday 12th July 2013, 5.45pm (day 687)

Chess v Jenga, 12/7/13

“So we turned up for work this evening, like, and there was this bleedin’ great pile of BRICKS on the board. Well, not my problem. No point asking me to shift it, is there, when I can only move forward one square at a time.”

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Post-Christmas gaming

Wednesday 26th December 2012, 4.35pm (day 489)

Hero Quest, 26/12/12

After the annual Giving of the Gifts rite comes the next morn, where the populace indulge in the subsequent rituals, the Assembly of the Little Plastic Bits, the Finding of the Batteries and the Arguing over the Rules.

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Joe, his Gran, and Monopoly

Saturday 18th February 2012, 8.10pm (day 177)

Monopoly, 18/2/12

Neither of my parents have yet made it onto this blog, so here’s my Mum, Joe’s Gran. Brought him over here this evening for a visit, and a babysitting service, while I go to the football tomorrow (a trip about which you will undoubtedly hear). The game is ‘Monopoly City’, a kind of sexed-up version of the old game, with skyscrapers, planning blight and notes in the millions. It passes the time enjoyably enough. Joe won, incidentally. What that says about his entrepreneurial spirit, remains to be seen.

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