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The local dominant lifeform

Sunday 31st March 2019, 11.30am (day 2,775)

Saigon motorbikes, 31/3/19

If you’ve been to Saigon you are surely aware that the dominant lifeform in the city is the motorcycle. There are hordes of them. They make crossing the road an act that takes definite courage and the permutations of humans and cargo that can fit on them beggars belief. I even saw one today with two people and a dog on it, I kid you not. I tried to get a shot of a horde in transit, but this one, of one of the many street-side motorcycle parks, seems also to sum up their sheer number quite well.

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Keeping an eye on things

Wednesday 11th July 2018, 7.45am (day 2,512)

Motorbike surveillance, 11/7/18

I assume that the camera (for some reason to do with techno-capitalist surveillance economies, etc. etc.) is keeping an eye on the fire exit, but the owner of this bike sure wants it looking after, as well….

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On the road from Dar

Sunday 26th July 2015, 7.05am (day 1,431)

Road from Dar, 26/7/15

From sunset in Turkey to sunrise the following morning in Tanzania. Taken from the back of the minibus into which I and seventeen of my fellow walkers were packed, on our ten-hour journey north to the Kilimanjaro region. No idea where we are at this point, so the records will have to show the location as “unspecified”, but the beautiful landscapes we passed through boded well for the walk to come.

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Our neighbour and his motorcycle

Saturday 15th October 2011, 2.25pm (day 51)

Richard and bike, 15/10/11

I’ve lived in this house for over 10 years now and all that time the house across the road has been inhabited by this gentleman. And every Saturday morning he is out there working on his bike and listening to his ’60s music. And then on Sunday morning we are usually roused briefly from sleep at around 7am as it farts into life across the road and he heads off for whatever rally or off-road session he is visiting that weekend. He seems pretty happy. I’m ashamed to say I don’t know his name.

Postscript: It’s Richard.

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