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Spring Wood, in waiting

Wednesday 6th January 2021, 11.15am (day 3,422)

Spring wood in winter, 6/1/21

Spring Wood is its name…. but it is going to feel like a very long time until spring. With weeks of stagnancy and economic devastation to come, let us at least hope there are more days with as good weather as today. If Bojo thinks I’m staying at home on such a day, he is mistaken.

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Monday morning ain’t so bad

Monday 25th June 2018, 7.45am (day 2,496)

Glorious Monday, 25/6/18

In work before 8am for the second Monday in a row. But, you know, on a morning like today it’s really not so bad. Hottest day of the year so far.

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Sun at the front of the house

Friday 21st February 2014, 9.50am (day 911)

Sun at front, 21/2/14

I don’t mind the aesthetics of this photo but it is here more for its significance, trivial though it probably seems to anyone else. Each year, because of the valley wall to the east, our house loses all morning sunlight from about mid-November. The annual game is how early it can be spotted returning to this side of the building. February 21st wins the sweepstake this year (the all-time record being February 18th). Told you it was trivial.

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