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Selfie in mirror corner

Tuesday 7th January 2020, 9.30am (day 3,057)

Mirror corner selfie, 7/1/20

A day on which I got plenty of work done, but which was of such profound photographic dullness that I was grateful for what opportunities arose. The only time I left the house was for my bi-annual teeth scrape at the dentists’, so here’s a pseudo-selfie in the waiting room. One of the few of my 3,000+ shots to come with its own frame, anyway.

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Murder scene?

Monday 29th April 2019, 4.45pm (day 2,804)

Toys in dentist, 29/4/19

While waiting my turn in the dentist’s this afternoon I noticed this little tableau set up in one of the display cabinets. So many questions…. If the mad guy in the white coat was attacking the woman in green with a hypodermic (or possibly a huge rivet), and she took him out in self-defence…. what did she do with the murder weapon? Hang on…. I think I see it… !

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The dentist’s hands (reprised)

Monday 12th November 2018, 4.25pm (day 2,636)

Dentist and Joe, 12/11/18

I do try not to repeat myself on here, but after 2,636 days it’s gonna happen, sorry — so here is another version of the shot offered on day 1,134, 2nd October 2014. Same hands, same dentist, and same person — Joe — being inspected. But also a better version of the shot, I feel. We come here every few months, roughly, so the next time you might see this is some time in late April next year. Or perhaps not.

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Joe inspects his teeth

Wednesday 9th May 2018, 4.30pm (day 2,449)

Joe teeth X-ray, 9/5/18A very low-key day, as yesterday was. Very little happened, and this picture of a picture is as good as it gets today. Still, the teeth are healthy ones — Joe should feel satisfied with this — more so than mine were when I pictured my own X-ray a while back.

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Waiting room

Thursday 8th February 2018, 4.50pm (day 2,359)

Waiting room, 8/2/18

And how do you know it is a dentist’s waiting room? From the pencil pot shaped like a molar, of course. Quite upstages the fish in the background.

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Dentist’s waiting room (with Joe)

Wednesday 15th April 2015, 4.00pm (day 1,329)

Joe in waiting room, 15/4/15

Not the most exciting photo. Not the most exciting day. But the PC Gamer magazine shines bright and interesting, as far as Joe is concerned.

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The dentist’s hands

Thursday 2nd October 2014, 4.20pm (day 1,134)

Dentist hands, 2/10/14

The biannual trip to the tooth doctor is usually good for a pic — if only because it’s a well-lit activity. This is at least the second time Joe has been pictured mid-examination and I think I got one of myself in once, too. The next visit is in March, if you notice this kind of thing.

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“This is where we’ll drill in” said the dentist

Thursday 1st August 2013, 3.15pm (day 707)

Dentist and x-ray, 1/8/13
Yes, those are my teeth. Goddammit.

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Joe at the dentist

Tuesday 11th October 2011, 4.20pm (day 47)

Joe at dentist, 11/10/11

This looks like major surgery, except it’s the most routine check-up. Which is, I guess, why I like this picture – professional competence emerging in the every day. If it wasn’t there, we might not notice for quite a while…. but eventually, we would.

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