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View from the White House

Tuesday 8th November 2022, 1.50pm (day 4,093)

In this case the “White House” is a pub, up on the A58 road above Littleborough. Normally my journey to and from work would not take me near this place but thanks to the long and sorry litany of reasons why no one responsible for the UK train network was in the slightest bit bothered about running a service this morning, I ended up driving. Passing this point at 6am, all was still dark, but at least when I returned later, the sun had come out for a while. The hill on the horizon is Brown Wardle, at about 401m or 1,315 feet above sea level.

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Wind farm, above Walsden

Saturday 8th October 2022, 12.45pm (day 4,062)

Wind farm, 8/10/22

After five interior shots I had to get outside, the day being of the pleasant sort that might not recur too often before winter really hits. No trains, however — blame the government — so I had to conduct my wanderings somewhere nearer to home. Between Walsden and Bacup there lies a chunk of moorland that was previously unexplored, so I duly explored it. This shot is taken from very close to the Yorkshire/Lancashire border, but still just on the Yorkshire side.

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Little model landscape

Saturday 23rd January 2021, 2.00pm (day 3,439)

Turbines above Penistone, 23/1/21

Of course, this is not a model, it is a real landscape above the (awkwardly-named) town of Penistone, in South Yorkshire. But though there area actually two large turbines to the right, it sure looks to me like one is the shadow of the other, cast on the backcloth of a diorama built in a shoe box, or something. And the patchwork of frost and field, the general graininess of the picture…. seems fake to me. Perhaps there is a model railway below, just out of shot.

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Offshore wind farm, Solway Firth

Monday 17th April 2017, 4.40pm (day 2,062)

Turbines in Solway, 17/4/17

Can’t say I see a great deal to disapprove of with wind farms, and certainly not offshore ones. Picture taken from the Cumbrian coast line, not far out of Workington and heading for Carlisle: one of the most scenic railways, not just in Britain but the world — I do not exaggerate — and for the first time today, I managed to do the whole of it, from Lancaster round to Carlisle. Sit on the left-hand side if doing it in that direction.

Oh yeah, and Brighton were promoted to the Premiership today. I don’t have any photos of that: I just thought I would mention it…

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Making the wind

Thursday 22nd December 2016, 11.00am (day 1,946)

Wind farm, 22/12/16

“All wind is made by wind farms.” (From Andy Riley, Great Lies to Tell Small Kids)

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Sunday 27th September 2015, 11.30am (day 1,494)

Turbines and clouds, 27/9/15

Mist in Yorkshire this morning, clear skies in Lancashire, with this photo taken almost right on the border between the two, up on the Long Causeway, above Todmorden. I know I did wind turbines 12 days ago, but it’s impossible to resist returning to the theme.

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Offshore wind farm

Tuesday 15th September 2015, 1.10pm (day 1,482)

Wind farm, 15/9/15

Taken from Cold Fell, on the very western edge of the Lake District, looking out to the Irish Sea. I’m very aware that this is a subject that can cause mixed reactions; maybe it would help to know that if the camera had panned a couple of degrees to the right, Sellafield nuclear power station would have loomed large in the lens. It’s a choice, a very conscious one in a lot of ways.

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Environmental capital (old and new)

Monday 29th December 2014, 3.45pm (day 1,222)

Environmental capital, 29/12/14

Pictured towards the end of the 15-mile walk I did today, heading north from Ulverston, Cumbria, and dropping down to the Duddon estuary near Kirkby-in-Furness. The wind farm is offshore; the sheep defiantly onshore, both represent the same thing at heart. More pictures from the day (and I have several that I like) will be on my walking blog later today.

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