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Passing through London

Monday 5th February 2018, 12.15pm (day 2,356)

King's Cross escalator, 5/2/18

London is the fourth most-often depicted place on this blog and it is true I spend a decent amount of time there. But a good number of its appearances are when I’ve just been passing through. Today started in Brighton — it ended in the Oxfordshire countryside (of which more tomorrow one way or another). But to get between those places by public transport: London sits there, sucking you in like a black hole.

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Having chips

Sunday 8th October 2017, 8.45pm (day 2,236)

Second day in a row to somehow be connected to fast food. But hey, that was my weekend, whether at Bamber Bridge (as yesterday) or in the nation’s capital (as today)…

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Outside King’s Cross

Sunday 14th May 2017, 4.25pm (day 2,089)

Outside King's Cross, 14/5/17

Well, here we are again. And as usual – just for a quick visit. Things to do, then I’m off home again. This is how London has become the fourth most-depicted place on this blog. A place to come to and depart from…

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Outside King’s Cross

Sunday 13th November 2016, 8.10pm (day 1,907)

Outside King's Cross, 13/11/16

I try to keep this blog apolitical, but it’s not always easy. I was educated into the idea that we were making steady progress toward some better future. In 2016 that is a view of the world that, at best, has taken a severe blow. But at least someone is here with this guy.

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King’s Cross Square

Monday 11th July 2016, 11.45am (day 1,782)

Kings Cross rain, 11/7/16

This was supposed to be a five-day trip down south but I have had to truncate it for reasons too annoying and stupid to bother discussing on here. The picture matches the mood today. Yet another umbrella — there have been too many of them in the last four weeks.

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King’s Cross station

Tuesday 22nd March 2016, 1.45pm (day 1,671)

King's Cross, 22/3/16

Why do I keep taking photos of this building (see also here and here, to identify but two others)? Because I like it, it is fine architecture and great public space.

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King’s Cross

Thursday 23rd April 2015, 9.35am (day 1,337)

King's Cross, 23/4/15

This isn’t the first photo of the atrium at King’s Cross to appear on here and I doubt it’ll be the last. As I said to my colleague yesterday, the rebuilding was done so well that it has become a place where I actually choose to spend time, happily arriving comfortably early for a train.

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Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

Monday 13th January 2014, 11.45am (day 872)

Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, 13/1/14

With 40 minutes to kill in King’s Cross station on our way back from Brighton, I entertained myself by watching these activities. When the new King’s Cross was opened a couple of years ago this little memorial had been installed seemingly by the builders, and was left largely unmolested; when the Harry Potter shop opened and colonised it shortly afterwards, and started charging visitors to get their mitts on the trolley, the queues, absent before, started appearing. QED.

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The new King’s Cross

Wednesday 23rd May 2012, 12.15pm (day 272)

King's Cross, 23/5/12

This is the new entrance at King’s Cross station in London, opened in March. I’m very impressed with it. Apart from looking damn good, it also has some nice cafes on the balcony which do not charge ludicrous prices for cups of tea (£1.50 for a cup, which is quite reasonable these days), and a good pub, which seems as if it has been there for decades. And there’s a Platform 9¾ sign (complete with a luggage trolley half-sticking out of a wall) to keep the Harry Potter fans happy.

Most of all though I’m impressed there are still people around who give enough of a toss about creating beautiful things in public life that things like this can still get built. May it continue to be the case.

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