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Hopwood Lane, Halifax

Thursday 16th March 2023, 12.20pm (day 4,221)

Hopwood Lane, Halifax, 16/3/23

A visit to the less glamorous side of town. I like the optimistic advertisement for the £3 all-day car parking however.

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Closed pub, Grafton Street

Tuesday 4th November 2014, 1.10pm (day 1,167)

Bowling Green pub, 4/11/14

This pub sits right on the edge of the university campus. But obviously not in a well-frequented enough spot. This is my photography with the ‘social realist’ hat on.

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Old BBC building, Oxford Road

Monday 18th June 2012, 2.20pm (day 298)

BBC building, 18/6/12

A couple of years ago the BBC moved a substantial portion of their operations up to the new Media City complex in Salford Quays. Apart from the wounded pride of a chunk of the London media set, fearful of having to deal with Northerners on a regular basis,  the other casualty was the old building on Oxford Road, pictured here. Now completely empty, it is fenced off and – according to this sign – awaiting demolition.

In its place will be built an eco-friendly, natural piece of parkland, along with some discreet business premises and workshops that will ask for a peppercorn rent and be reserved for local enterprises who otherwise could not afford to be based in Manchester city centre.

Or possibly I imagined all that and it will just be turned into another supermarket.

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Vicky in the old Hippodrome theatre, Hulme, Manchester

Tuesday 20th September 2011, 5.05pm (day 26)

Vicky, Hippodrome theatre, 20/9/11

No single photo or few lines of text can do justice to this place. Several people I spoke to today, from the district of Hulme, said that this used to be a real asset to the area.Derelict, but still just about hanging in there, this place is owned by an evangelical ministry and seems also to have a community group on its case, trying to stop it either falling down completely or being ripped down by developers. Hulme was one of the places hit by the civil unrest back in August. Right-wingers want to strip ‘benefits’ from anyone caught nicking a bottle of Lucozade at that time but they won’t raise a finger to restore an incredible place like this for the REAL benefit of the community. I could go on and this page would get angrier, but you get the point I’m sure.

(Thanks to Vicky for showing it to me and also not complaining as I snuck her into the corner of the pictures…)

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