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The mysterious door on Foster Lane

Thursday 24th November 2022, 12.50pm (day 4,109)

Mysterious door, 24/11/22

I’ve lived within a few yards of this door for twenty-one years and have absolutely no idea what is behind it. It seems to simply go into nothing: on the other side, so far as one can tell, there is merely a large clump of undergrowth. I genuinely feel that this might be a portal into another dimension. Or perhaps a secret MI6 rendition chamber. (But probably it’s just an old coal cellar.)

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Thank yous

Friday 26th March 2021, 3.40pm (day 3,501)

RTQ thank yous, 26/3/21

These cards all reside in the foyer of RTQ, the tutoring service from whom Clare rents her room, which we have both been using as something of an escape during lockdown. Thank you indeed. But hey, can we leave home, legally, after Monday? There are rumours.

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Entrance to the tea rooms

Wednesday 18th September 2019, 11.15am (day 2,946)

Richmond tea rooms, 18/9/19

It’s nice that after nearly a decade and a half working in Manchester that I can still discover some new places. This was one: I just fancied a cup of tea at this point, and surely an establishment named like this can deliver? It certainly could. Inside had to be seen to be believed as well, but I couldn’t just snap away at the customers; the profusion of flowers in the porch does give something of the right impression, however.

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Friday 16th August 2019, 1.45pm (day 2,913)

Barricaded in, 16/8/19

I have to write. I basically barricaded myself in the house to do so, even if only symbolically. These are the tough assignments: days in the house, working, grey and dull weather, and not even any family members around to pose for portraits. So here is the barricade, either a messy abstract of a shot or an interesting bunch of textures. What’s going on with the floor exactly, I don’t know, but that’s my house for you.

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Not as helpful as it first appears

Thursday 12th January 2017, 8.25am (day 1,967)

Unhelpful door, 12/1/17

The second door in two days. This one not as helpful as it first appears. The irony is obvious if you read the sign. Dedicated to my friend Doug, who collects this kind of thing.

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Wednesday 11th January 2017, 2.40pm (day 1,966)

Door handle, 11/1/17

There was never going to be a great deal of excitement about today’s picture, I can assure you. Still, I get out and about more as of tomorrow. In the mean time let’s enjoy some nice afternoon light while we can — tomorrow’s weather forecast looks pretty cruddy.

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Sealed in

Friday 30th December 2016, 4.10pm (day 1,954)

Locked in, 30/12/16

If the security bolt on our front door is still drawn, it means neither Clare, Joe nor I have left the house since we got up. If it’s still drawn at 4pm, you can guess what kind of day it has been. But I did work. Seventh picture in a row from Hebden Bridge, four of which have been taken in or from my house, although these limited horizons expand a little over the weekend.

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Old door

Saturday 19th December 2015, 4.20pm (day 1,577)

Peeling door, 19/12/15

Second of five days in a row where I guarantee I am not going beyond the home — pub — shop axis. Time to dig into some creative corners; I’ve had my eye on this door for a while.

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Broken lock

Saturday 11th April 2015, 3.20pm (day 1,325)

Broken lock, 11/4/15

The last few days’ photos have come out late because my Mac broke on Friday, although it is better now (thanks to the tender attentions of its progenitors, the Apple Store). But that was only the first major breakage of the day — this beauty (our front door) kept us in most of the afternoon until the locksmith came round. That key shouldn’t be stuck at that angle, believe me.

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Bedroom door (best view of the day)

Monday 27th January 2013, 3.05pm (day 886)

Bedroom door, 27/1/14

Well, today was a photographic challenge — because since shortly after taking yesterday’s shot I have been feeling ill and spent almost the whole of today in bed. This burst of sunlight onto the back of the bedroom door is therefore the best you get today. You may yet get the same tomorrow. And why does the door have two handles? A legacy of when this was Joe’s room and he was still just a toddler.

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