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Where’s the rest of me?

Thursday 4th October 2018, 9.30am (day 2,597)

Half a sofa, 4/10/18

Sofas left on the pavement, that’s one thing. But half a sofa? Like the single abandoned shoe, what’s the story here? Was it just one hell of a party? Has it been sheared off, caught in mid-transition through a wormhole to another dimension?

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Beneath the ‘no fly tipping’ sign

Saturday 27th December 2014, 11.35am (day 1,220)

No fly tipping, 27/12/14

The sign posted to the lamppost says ‘no fly tipping’. It’s irony, isn’t it. That bike’s been there for a couple of weeks now I come to think of it. And yes, it snowed last night, if only lightly. But the run of not having been near any since 21/1/13 is broken.

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Bin day

Thursday 21st August 2014, 8.50am (day 1,092)

Bins and sofa, 21/8/14

Thursday on Keighley Road is when the bin men come. Our neighbour was feeling ambitious this time round.

This is a rare ‘photowhack’: the one and only photo I took on a given day. That’s how exciting 21/8/14 really was.

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