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Seascale station

Wednesday 16th September 2015, 9.00am (day 1,483)

Seascale station, 16/9/15

Having stayed over on the Cumbrian coast last night there was plenty of opportunity to get the Irish Sea into the shot for the second day in a row. Seascale station is an idyllic place on a glorious morning like this, though I bet when the westerly gales are blowing, it is quite different. My spell-checker keeps wanting to change ‘Seascale’ to ‘seascape’, which I guess is appropriate in this case.

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Offshore wind farm

Tuesday 15th September 2015, 1.10pm (day 1,482)

Wind farm, 15/9/15

Taken from Cold Fell, on the very western edge of the Lake District, looking out to the Irish Sea. I’m very aware that this is a subject that can cause mixed reactions; maybe it would help to know that if the camera had panned a couple of degrees to the right, Sellafield nuclear power station would have loomed large in the lens. It’s a choice, a very conscious one in a lot of ways.

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Environmental capital (old and new)

Monday 29th December 2014, 3.45pm (day 1,222)

Environmental capital, 29/12/14

Pictured towards the end of the 15-mile walk I did today, heading north from Ulverston, Cumbria, and dropping down to the Duddon estuary near Kirkby-in-Furness. The wind farm is offshore; the sheep defiantly onshore, both represent the same thing at heart. More pictures from the day (and I have several that I like) will be on my walking blog later today.

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