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Wheelchair rugby

Tuesday 14th May 2013, 7.45pm (day 628)

Wheelchair rugby, 14/5/13

A few months ago, if you’d have asked me how I was going to spend my last evening in Brisbane, ‘watching wheelchair rugby’ would probably not have come towards the top of the list – but here we are, courtesy of my friend Manuela (playing, but not in shot). Some of these guys, like the one on the right with his back to us, were actually gold-medal winning Paralympians last year in London.

Anyway, I might now be off-grid for a while so if no more photos appear here, don’t panic – it’s just that I’m heading to a tropical island for a few days. Oh, the hardship. I’ll update you all towards the end of May. But then again, if wi-fi has made it to the remoter parts of Fiji, I will be here again before then.

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Cloudy morning, Brisbane

Monday 13th May 2013, 9.30am (day 627)

Brisbane clouds, 13/5/13

It’s getting towards winter, and looked it, this morning – though it’s still warmer than at home, about 20 degrees C today. This will be the last photo of Brisbane itself on this blog, at least on this trip; I might be back next year, and I might still be blogging then, but on Wednesday I’m bidding it goodbye. It’s a decent city, it’s been good to me, so here’s to it.

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Photo shoot, the Botanical Gardens

Sunday 12th May 2013, 4.00pm (day 626)

Kids photo session, 12/5/13

At first when I walked past this little vignette I thought the little boy was holding a big doll — which considering I had The Who’s I’m a Boy on the iPod at the time (a song about forced transvestism) I thought was rather ironic. However, then I saw it was his little sister. Cute…

There have been quite a few photos of the Botanical Gardens during my time in Brisbane, but there won’t be many more — two more full days in Brisbane to come after today, then I’m off.

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Designated graffiti area

Tuesday 7th May 2013, 9.10pm (day 621)

Designated graffiti area, 7/5/13

Seen in an underpass near the Brisbane River. Has Banksy been visiting down under? (compare with this image, for example.) Or just an emulator? Either way – no one has yet begun adding street art to the wall. Which is a shame. I’m right with Banksy on this one: why should we be forced to look at inane corporate advertising everywhere we turn, but street art is considered ‘vandalism’ – particularly in an otherwise utterly bland underpass like this one? Well folks of Brisbane, it’s just off Coronation Drive, in Toowong, if you fancy trying your hand.

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Buddha’s birthday lanterns

Saturday 4th May 2013, 12.25pm (day 618)

Buddha lanterns, 4/5/13

Apparently today is the anniversary of the birth of Buddha – or at least, today is the day on which this anniversary was marked with a kind of fair set up in Brisbane’s South Bank complex.¬†Happy birthday, Buddha – your religion always seems to me rather less dictatorial and more self-empowering than most of the others, so I feel relatively sympathetic towards it. I got a few decent photos today from a ride up and down the river on one of the amazingly cheap CityCat ferries, but I choose this picture instead because I like the light, the vivid colours and the calligraphy.

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By the entrance to the Botanical Gardens

Friday 3rd May 2013, 10.15am (day 617)

Botanical garden, 3/5/13

Maybe I take too many candid photos of strangers but let’s look at it this way: 617 days into this blog and I’m trying not to repeat myself, take away the street portrait photography and there’d be even less to work with. I think this photo also encapsulates how nice it is to have this lovely slab of parkland right beside the QUT campus: who’d not feel like studying outside, in the continuing lovely weather here.

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Saturday 27th April 2013, 10.45am (day 611)

Taija, 27/4/13

Taija (pronounce it to more-or-less rhyme with ‘higher’) is from Oakland, California, and has been staying at the Kookaburra Inn these last few days. I took this while we hung out this morning, with her on her way to the airport and eventually somewhere else in this, the sixth-largest country in the world. Like a lot of people I have met on this trip, we were only acquainted a short time, but I think this shot captures her quite well – or more accurately, my image of her.

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Little shrunken church, Brisbane

Friday 26th April 2013, 9.45am (day 610)

St Stephens chapel, 26/4/13

This is St. Stephen’s Chapel, part of a complex of buildings that comprises the centre of Catholic worship in Brisbane. The main church is to the right, just visible at the edge of this photograph. I like the way this looks like a little baby church, or a kind of shrunken one, too small for the lawn it’s on and the city around it.

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Busking for 40 years

Thursday 18th April 2013, 2.00pm (day 602)

Busker, 18/4/13

So his sign said. I’m not sure whether that makes one more likely to give him any money or not, however.

Anyway – enough of Brisbane! Nice as it is, I’m a bit bored of the place. I’m off to Byron Bay for the weekend.

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Greystone Bar, South Bank

Wednesday 17th April 2013, 8.25pm (day 601)

Greystone bar, 17/4/13

After five shots in a row of the QUT campus, or its immediate vicinity, time for a change of scene, and mood. This was taken across the river, opposite the South Bank cinema, where I went to see a movie tonight. (Which, if you’re interested, was Oblivion: it’s OK, good imagery, but there’s a huge plot hole in it — which I will leave you to discover for yourselves.)

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