Designated graffiti area

Tuesday 7th May 2013, 9.10pm (day 621)

Designated graffiti area, 7/5/13

Seen in an underpass near the Brisbane River. Has Banksy been visiting down under? (compare with this image, for example.) Or just an emulator? Either way – no one has yet begun adding street art to the wall. Which is a shame. I’m right with Banksy on this one: why should we be forced to look at inane corporate advertising everywhere we turn, but street art is considered ‘vandalism’ – particularly in an otherwise utterly bland underpass like this one? Well folks of Brisbane, it’s just off Coronation Drive, in Toowong, if you fancy trying your hand.

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3 thoughts on “Designated graffiti area

  1. dweinberg415 says:

    Totally agree. Is this really a “designated” urban art area? What a great idea! I’d love to see that here ( SF).

  2. Drew Whitworth says:

    A few years ago in London the street artist Banksy started leaving this stencil around the place, a neat act of subversion. I suspect – but cannot prove – that despite the ‘Brisbane City Council’ tag seen here, this is also an entirely unofficial initiative.

  3. hspheritage says:

    Fantastic! Don’t see anything wrong with graffiti! In fact, street art makes me happy!

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