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Photo shoot, the Botanical Gardens

Sunday 12th May 2013, 4.00pm (day 626)

Kids photo session, 12/5/13

At first when I walked past this little vignette I thought the little boy was holding a big doll — which considering I had The Who’s I’m a Boy on the iPod at the time (a song about forced transvestism) I thought was rather ironic. However, then I saw it was his little sister. Cute…

There have been quite a few photos of the Botanical Gardens during my time in Brisbane, but there won’t be many more — two more full days in Brisbane to come after today, then I’m off.

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By the entrance to the Botanical Gardens

Friday 3rd May 2013, 10.15am (day 617)

Botanical garden, 3/5/13

Maybe I take too many candid photos of strangers but let’s look at it this way: 617 days into this blog and I’m trying not to repeat myself, take away the street portrait photography and there’d be even less to work with. I think this photo also encapsulates how nice it is to have this lovely slab of parkland right beside the QUT campus: who’d not feel like studying outside, in the continuing lovely weather here.

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The sleeper

Friday 12th April 2013, 3.25pm (day 596)

The sleeper, 12/4/13

Snapped in the Botanical Gardens this afternoon. Isn’t he peaceful. Bet he moved about half an hour after this picture was taken, however, at the point Brisbane was hit by another rather heavy rainstorm.  I like the various symmetries and near-symmetries of this shot.

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Clare and the banyan tree

Monday 25th March 2013, 11.00am (day 578)

Clare and Banyan tree, 25/3/13

This is a tree that grows in the Botanic Gardens, and was planted in the 1870s. It is a marvellous tree, which sends creepers down from its branches to seek more sustenance, these eventually growing into substantial new trunks from the top down. The biggest banyan tree in the world is in India, and covers more than 1.5 hectares, with more than 1,000 distinct trunks. This one isn’t anywhere near as big but if you ask me is still the coolest tree in Brisbane.

And, oh yeah, the family turned up this morning… for three weeks 🙂

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Flower with water droplets, Tropical House

Saturday 16th March 2013, 10.55am (day 569)

Flower and water droplets, 16/3/13

Taken in the Tropical House of Brisbane’s other Botanical Gardens, on the slopes of Mount Coot-tha. Seems a little unnecessary to go to the expense of building a Tropical House in a place that is, at worst, sub-tropical, but what do I know. There were two other candidates for today’s photo, one of a giant lizard (but I did that theme on Thursday) and one which could well have just been an excuse to take a pic of a blonde in a short skirt, so let’s go with this more ideologically-sound option.

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Getting a close-up

Thursday 14th March 2013, 12.20pm (day 567)

Lady and lizards, 14/3/13

Lunchtime in the Botanical Gardens, Brisbane, and this lady snaps a close-up of two squabbling water dragons while a third tries to sneak round the back without being noticed.

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Retro exercise, Botanical Gardens

Tuesday 12th February 2013, 11.55am (day 537)

Hula hooper, 12/2/13


Blimey. I haven’t seen anyone doing this seriously in years, possibly decades, have you?

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Ibis drinking in the Botanical Gardens

Thursday 30th January 2013, 10.05am (day 524)

Ibis, Botanical Gardens, 30/1/13


When I first came to Brisbane in 2011 I remember seeing an ibis wander down the main shopping street and thought, cool, how exotic. Very shortly I realised that they occupy the same ecological niche as pigeons in other cities, and are basically a pest. But they look quite good, with that curved beak and white plumage.

I do like the Botanical Gardens in Brisbane, a beautiful park nestled in the curve of a river, but I couldn’t wander through it today and enjoy the sun, because it’s closed because of storm damage. You get a small sense of the amount of debris that is around by looking behind the bird. This shot is taken through the perimeter fence, with a big zoom (x50 at least), hence the slightly strange depth of field: but I like the effect.

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