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Darwen, Lancashire

Monday 2nd May 2022, 12 noon (day 3,903)

Darwen town centre, 2/5/22

My football habit does give me the chance to go exploring: that and the photo-blogging are all part of the same mix, really. I have been to Darwen, south of Blackburn, before but it didn’t make it onto here so this can be its debut. A former centre of textile manufacture, making paint is its main industry these days, and I guess the mural could represent one or both of these endeavours.

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Pendle Hill, from above Mereclough

Thursday 31st July 2014, 7.35pm (day 1,071)

Pendle Hill, 31/7/14

Had my evening meal with my parents over the border in Lancashire and captured this on the way back. Pendle Hill is 1,827 feet high, but to be honest, looks higher, particularly when one is closer to it (this image is taken from many miles away). Its name is actually the same word repeated three times; Pen from Celtic languages, ‘dyl’ from ‘hill’ in Old English, and then ‘Hill’ from Modern English. So its name basically means ‘HillHill Hill’. It is most famous for its association with the Pendle Witches, one of England’s more notorious witch-hunts.

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Above Sabden, Lancashire

Saturday 9th November 2013, 2.40pm (day 807)

Above Sabden, 9/11/13

Paid a visit to my family today who live over the other side of the Pennines. I am lucky that all my family members basically live in quite good-looking parts of the planet.

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Sculpture, Blackburn town centre

Tuesday 9th July 2013, 9.20am (day 684)

Blackburn sculpture, 9/7/13

Went here for a meeting today, it’s not a particularly exciting place but unlike the last time it featured on the blog in December, Blackburn at least delivered a) good weather and b) the event I actually came to the town for. I have no idea what this sculpture commemorates, but perhaps it doesn’t commemorate anything and is just some public art. Which is fine. That’s a teddy bear the boy has dropped, by the way.

Incidentally it is also a year to the day since what was certainly the least pleasant day I had to somehow document on here: the flash flood of 9th July 2012.

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