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House view

Tuesday 8th January 2019, 10.40am (day 2,693)

Eiffel buildings, 8/1/19

It’s an attractive view, for sure, but I’m seeing it quite a lot lately. I feel a little hemmed in… I need to move around more. The weather forecast is good tomorrow though — time for a walk.

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Empty Hebden Bridge

Monday 26th February 2018, 4.10pm (day 2,377)

Back home again, my town strangely empty this afternoon. Perhaps everyone was hunkering down for the promised ‘winter apocalypse’ that is, at least according to the media, about to devour the entire Northern Hemisphere in a kind of Game of Thrones scenario. Well, it’s a little chilly that’s true, but I’m sure we’ll live.

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View from my living room

Monday 20th January 2014, 12.10pm (day 879)

Living room view, 20/1/14

Another very pleasant day, though I was stuck inside grading papers most of the day. But the view is compensation. I’d say I was lucky to have it, but you know, I’m not a total idiot. I mean, we did buy the place.

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Blackbird in tree

Thursday 12th January 2012, 1.45pm (day 140)

Blackbird in tree, 12/1/12

There have been a run of animal photos lately (and yes, the Norwegian Blue counts!). But I make no apologies for including another one, as it successfully encapsulates a glorious day. And more to come, according to the forecast. Which is good, because I’m going to the Lakes for the weekend – though probably without Internet access, so regular visitors might bear in mind that it is unlikely any more photos will be posted until Monday 16th. I will be back then… never fear.

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