Blackbird in tree

Thursday 12th January 2012, 1.45pm (day 140)

Blackbird in tree, 12/1/12

There have been a run of animal photos lately (and yes, the Norwegian Blue counts!). But I make no apologies for including another one, as it successfully encapsulates a glorious day. And more to come, according to the forecast. Which is good, because I’m going to the Lakes for the weekend – though probably without Internet access, so regular visitors might bear in mind that it is unlikely any more photos will be posted until Monday 16th. I will be back then… never fear.

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One thought on “Blackbird in tree

  1. I love how the bird is overseeing his dominion below him. 🙂 Like he’s king of all he surveys. 🙂

    Have a great time away! Get some more animal photos. 😉

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