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Mr & Ms Blackbird go foraging

Monday 21st January 2019, 2.15pm (day 2,706)

Blackbirds foraging, 21/1/19

A male and female blackbird harvest a rare bounty in winter: the crab apples (I guess) on the tree at the bottom of Keighley Road. Not easy to get sharp on a dull grey day with all those twigs to confuse the focus, but it’ll do.

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Blackbird at the station

Tuesday 28th April 2015, 7.45am (day 1,342)

Blackbird and fence, 28/4/15

I went all the way to London and back today for no immediately obvious reason thanks to someone cancelling a meeting at the last minute. Basically I did a 10-hour round trip to have lunch in the Parcel Yard at King’s Cross. So here’s none of that. Instead, let’s feature this blackbird who was looking suspiciously at me at Hebden Bridge station this morning.

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Blackbird and blossom

Friday 2nd May 2014, 4.45pm (day 981)

Blackbird and blossom, 2/5/14

More avifauna. And a pic that shows we are at least a couple of weeks ahead with various signs of the seasons this year, to compare with last (see 29/5/13).

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Blackbird in tree

Thursday 12th January 2012, 1.45pm (day 140)

Blackbird in tree, 12/1/12

There have been a run of animal photos lately (and yes, the Norwegian Blue counts!). But I make no apologies for including another one, as it successfully encapsulates a glorious day. And more to come, according to the forecast. Which is good, because I’m going to the Lakes for the weekend – though probably without Internet access, so regular visitors might bear in mind that it is unlikely any more photos will be posted until Monday 16th. I will be back then… never fear.

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