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View from the train, Doncaster

Monday 9th October 2017, 4.15pm (day 2,237)

Doncaster rail yard, 9/10/17

Pretty much everything on the railways heading north out of London passes through Doncaster, which remains a major passenger rail interchange and has these immense goods yards too; one of the few remaining places on the UK rail network where you do get a sense of what a lot of it probably looked like sixty years ago. Taken from inside the train as it departed platform 8 and returned me home after my short and ultimately pointless trip to London (thank you, Mr Putin).

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Trainspotters, Doncaster station

Thursday 26th June 2014, 2.45pm (day 1,036)

Trainspotters, 26/6/14

I admit I take many photos of railway stations and trains but at least I’m travelling on them at the time. I know it’s a fine line but I’ve never seen the point of people going to a railway station simply to watch the trains go by, and at Doncaster this practice is particularly prevalent. Pictured on my way home from Brighton this afternoon.

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