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Taking shelter

Sunday 4th July 2021, 12.55pm (day 3,601)

Sheltering from storm, 4/7/21

A planned walk up in the hills got little further than this bridge under the railway a couple of miles from home, which we were fortunate to reach just as the first really major thunderstorm of the summer passed through. Along with these two cyclists who arrived there simultaneously, we ended up spending around three-quarters of an hour there. The stream down the middle of the lane is not normally present.

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Friday 8th August 2014, 4.05pm (day 1,079)

Rainstorm, 8/8/14

Actually today was a relatively pleasant day — apart from this 30-minute period in the afternoon. Look in the background — even the Canada goose is taking shelter.

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The clouds burst

Monday 29th July 2013, 4.35pm (day 704)

Near flood, 29/7/13

I have been trying to prevent repetition on this blog but today cannot avoid it. After a fairly ordinary day, a terrific rainstorm makes yesterday’s picture seem like a portent. Showing how well they have learned the lessons since last year’s flooding, blocked drains and manic car drivers turn a heavy, but otherwise manageable thunderstorm into a near-flooding. Poor drainage has hit the cellar of the Railway again and yet it’s all so bloody avoidable.

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Evening thunderstorm, Brisbane

Sunday 24th March 2013, 6.20pm (day 577)

Thunderstorm, Brisbane, 24/3/13

Does a photo have to be sharp? This is the most blantantly out-of-focus shot I’ve put up here, but I dunno, I think it works. I don’t mean to cast Brisbane as the rainy city – in fact it was a very warm and sunny day today for all but this hour between 6 and 7pm, in which it hurled it down with intense lightning and thunder. I was sat in a bar at the time and just did my best to get a shot that gave a hint of the atrocious conditions outside.

By the way this is the 11th consecutive day on which the shot has been taken in the same town/city – so Brisbane takes the record on that front, as even Hebden Bridge, my home town, has not yet got beyond featuring on ten daily pics in a row. There’ll be a couple more yet from Brisbane, as well: I’m not planning to visit anywhere else until at least Thursday. I think it’s still got things to offer the camera.

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Melbourne, under the thunderstorm

Thursday 14th Feburary 2013, 5.40pm (day 539)

Melbourne storm, 14/3/13


Things you don’t necessarily want to hear from the pilot as you’re coming into land: “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re turning the seatbelt sign on, there seems to be some thunderstorm activity around the airport”. Cue one of the bumpier landings I’ve ever experienced. But we made it.

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