Evening thunderstorm, Brisbane

Sunday 24th March 2013, 6.20pm (day 577)

Thunderstorm, Brisbane, 24/3/13

Does a photo have to be sharp? This is the most blantantly out-of-focus shot I’ve put up here, but I dunno, I think it works. I don’t mean to cast Brisbane as the rainy city – in fact it was a very warm and sunny day today for all but this hour between 6 and 7pm, in which it hurled it down with intense lightning and thunder. I was sat in a bar at the time and just did my best to get a shot that gave a hint of the atrocious conditions outside.

By the way this is the 11th consecutive day on which the shot has been taken in the same town/city – so Brisbane takes the record on that front, as even Hebden Bridge, my home town, has not yet got beyond featuring on ten daily pics in a row. There’ll be a couple more yet from Brisbane, as well: I’m not planning to visit anywhere else until at least Thursday. I think it’s still got things to offer the camera.

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2 thoughts on “Evening thunderstorm, Brisbane

  1. I agree, sharpness is not essential, this photo works 🙂 I love the reflection on the ground

  2. I like the colours and the lights from the cars. Last night’s storm’s lightning was amazing, Nice shot. Have a great week 🙂

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