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Smoke (something happening)

Friday 3rd July 2020, 11.50am (day 3,235)

Bonfire smoke, 3/7/20

Over the last 3,235 days of this attempt to document the rest of my life in pictures there have, of course, been plenty of days where I’ve just stayed at home and not really done much. But there hasn’t been such a concentrated run of such days, day after day after day where there is nothing happening outside. And on a day when it never stopped raining…. this swell of smoke, a bonfire presumably, really was about the most interesting thing seen all day (with apologies to the family).

By the end of this month we may have been able to visit a pub and go away for a few days. If you think either of these things is a bad thing… let’s just say I disagree with you.

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Bonfire Night

Saturday 3rd November 2012, 7.00pm (day 436)

Bonfire, 3/11/12

Remember, remember, the 5th of November. Or, the nearest available Saturday.

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John B by the bonfire

Sunday 13th November 2011, 7.30pm (day 80)

John B, by the bonfire, 13/11/11

Busy but interesting weekend ends with a pleasant evening party among friends, chilling out by the bonfire and listening to Joe be enthused by access to an electric guitar – with amplification.

The party was a birthday do for another friend, Mick, 43 today (so happy birthday to him). There is a huge rush of birthdays at this time of year, at least 7 family members & 3 close friends within a month. Why? Because it’s 9 months after New Year, of course. ‘Darling, I will stop taking the Pill, but let’s wait until after Christmas, OK?’.

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The unlit bonfire, Calder Holmes Park

Friday 4th November 2011, 4.25pm (day 71)

Bonfire-to-be, 4/11/11

Bonfire Night (remember, remember, the 5th November) is England’s one genuine nationally-observed folk festival, and even then we are in danger of letting it be usurpedĀ  by Halloween, which is (in its commercial form) an alien import. But let’s face it, it’s just fun to burn big piles of flammable things. There’ll be a guard on this to make sure it doesn’t get lit tonight, I bet.

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