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Pre-match smoke

Tuesday 27th August 2019, 6.15pm (day 2,924)

Pre-match cigarette, 27/8/19

I wonder whether now I have hit 50 that I am going to start seeing any aspect of the world differently. It won’t happen overnight of course, but maybe changes in my worldview will become more apparent. Here’s an example. I certainly understand this guy’s attitude rather more than I might have in the past.

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Gareth outside the pub

Sunday 3rd December 2017, 5.00pm (day 2,292)

Gareth smoking, 3/12/17

Not an eventful day today (and don’t expect one tomorrow, either). It was either this pic of Gareth having a fag or some okra. The okra were cute, but let’s go with Gareth.

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Rolling up

Friday 18th August 2017, 9.15am (day 2,185)

Cigarette break, 18/8/17

Well, I assume he’s rolling a cigarette, but perhaps he might just be playing a tune on the world’s smallest harmonica.

Last day in Manchester for a fortnight, anyway. If things work out — I have, let’s say, a logistically complex next 72 hours, but the payoff will be good if it does…

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The sun comes out

Sunday 17th July 2016, 5.50pm (day 1,788)

Chilling, 17/7/16

Sunday afternoon at the pub, one of the first pleasantly sunny and agreeable days in weeks. I mean, the world is still a bag of shit, but there’s music, tobacco, beer, sunshine.

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Craig in the bar (and smoking)

Monday 12th May 2014, 9.55pm (day 991)

Craig smoking, 12/5/14

I am here in Moscow with three colleagues and since they heard about this blog they seem all day to have been competing to be featured on it. Craig wins 🙂

Posted also for the novelty value of being taken in a place where it is still legal to smoke in bars and restaurants. Apparently a ban is due to start in Russia in a few weeks, but looking at how many people here still do smoke, I wonder how well it will take.

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