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Selfie, Halloween film festival

Saturday 31st October 2015, 6.10pm (day 1,528)

Halloween selfie, 31/10/15

Five movies on all afternoon and evening at the Hebden Bridge Picture House (this town’s best asset if you ask me), of which I saw the last three — The Shining (gotta see any Kubrick on the big screen at any opportunity); The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue (bizarre Spanish/Italian 1970s zombie movie filmed in the UK, though not, particularly, in Manchester, which also includes probably the most gratuitous nude scene in movie history); and The Wicker Man (among the best movies ever made). Would you have been brave enough to spend such an evening in the company of this man?

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Me, 4 years on

Tuesday 25th August 2015, 1.40pm (day 1,461)

Drew, 25/8/1526th August is my birthday, so today marks the end of the fourth year of this blog. On the day I started it, 26th August 2011, I took a picture of me (and Clare) on a train going down to London, which though it wasn’t The Photo for that day, appears on the ‘About’ page. So you can have a look at it if you like and compare it with this one, taken, also, on a train going down to London. I think I’m weathering OK. I intend to keep the blog going indefinitely… even if its title is now well out of date.

I’ve also added a page which reproduces my favourite 10 photos from years 3 and 4 of the blog.

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Making pasta

Sunday 14th December 2014, 5.25pm (day 1,207)

Making pasta, 14/12/14

It would be lovely if I had been able to head off to some dramatic windswept coastal spot or gone up a mountain or made some other such photogenic opportunity. But I did tell you it wasn’t going to be an exciting weekend. So, courtesy of the self-timer, here’s me making dinner again. And yes, I can do pasta from scratch, it’s not that difficult.

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On the train home

Monday 8th December 2014, 4.10pm (day 1,201)

The train home, 8/12/14

It’s really not an exciting period in my life. But it is, at least, the last week of teaching. Note the photographer to the left.

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Self-portrait, Flybussen

Friday 28th November 2014, 5.30pm (day 1,191)

Selfie, Flybussen, 28/11/14

The Flybussen links Bergen city centre with the airport and I’ve become quite familiar with it over the years. Home from Norway this evening, the last trip abroad of 2014. Not a bad shot although it might be nicer if the emergency window-smashing hammer weren’t hovering over things like the sword of Damocles.

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Self-portrait in beer pump

Wednesday 17th September 2014, 9.05pm (day 1,119)

Beer pump, 17/9/14

Tough assignment today. Working at home on a flat, grey day. So little to inspire that I was reduced to this attempt at an original self-portrait, which is OK I guess.

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Self-portrait in orange, University of Stavanger campus

Wednesday 18th June 2014, 12.25pm (day 1,028)

Self-portrait in orange, 18/6/14

It’s been November (or rather Movember) since a selfie appeared on the blog. This orange wall stands on the University of Stavanger campus where I was doing my day’s work today. I like the reflective bubble effect, but what puzzles me is where I’ve gone in the one to top right.

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The ‘tache grows

Tuesday 26th November 2013, 3.15pm (day 824)

Drew's moustache, 26/11/13

Movember, day 26. If you think this is funny you should see the photo currently gracing my Movember page where you can also, should you wish, donate a small amount to the worthy causes being supported.

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Movember: the halfway point (thankfully)

Saturday 15th November, 8.15pm (UK time) (day 813)

Movember, halfway, 15/11/13

Facebook friends have been seeing the growth of this ridiculous facial hair over the last two weeks but it’s time to put it on the blog. We are at the halfway point of Movember, and this is my effort, all done (I can assure you) to raise money for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues. I display this on here today not, at all, for its artistic merit but to beg for compensation at having to look like this — sponsor me at http://mobro.co/drewwhitworth if you feel I am worthy. Every little helps, thank you.

Today was noticeable for being an extremely wet day, even by Norwegian standards — there was flooding in parts of Bergen and up and down the west coast, with more rain to come tomorrow, but I have escaped home. I hope everyone back there is OK though. I am now not leaving the UK for some time, four and a half months is the current plan. This was taken on the last plane ride home before the break: the Bergen – Manchester service, which runs just once a week, and never, ever on time (shame on you SAS!).

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Working at laptop (self-portrait)

Monday 24th June 2013, 11.40am (day 669)

Laptop self-portrait, 24/6/13

Had been worried that a sixth consecutive full day in Hebden Bridge would dampen the creativity, but this shot happened anyway and I like it. This is me, today.

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