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Essential supplies

Monday 11th January 2021, 9.20am (day 3,427)

Eye drops, 11/1/21

Less than an hour into the working week and I’m already reaching for these, which is not a good sign. A side effect of screen imprisonment — I doubt I’m not the only one suffering.

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Self-portrait number 42 (or, Man In Need Of Haircut)

Monday 11th May 2020, 7.10pm (day 3,182)

Selfie 42, 11/5/20

Under conditions of day-to-day repetition it’s nice to have reasons to select shots. This mirror selfie makes it because I realised it has become the 42nd self-portrait to feature on here — and the number 42 has been highlighted whenever and wherever it appears. So you can now see that I am in sore need of a haircut, like many other people. There are worse consequences of the present farce, of course.

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Self-portrait with Terminator eye

Saturday 4th May 2019, 3.55pm (day 2,809)

Terminator eye, 4/5/19

Apologies for introducing you to today’s defining event, the sub-conjunctival haemorrhage which actually feels fine from inside but all day made me look somewhat like The Terminator.

This is one of the few photos on the blog not taken with my regular camera; this is a selfie with the much inferior lens on my phone. But lacking the same ‘flip screen’ function as the phone means it was impossible to get the same shot with the camera. You may be regretting this.

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Eye eye

Thursday 19th February 2015, 3.00pm (day 1,274)

Glass eyes, 19/2/15

Took Joe (on school holidays) to the Castle Museum in York today, a good museum full of “everyday objects”, though I guess most people don’t have these kinds of thing lying around on a shelf at home. They appeared in the context of the World War I 100th anniversary exhibition there, a time at which replacement body parts were in more demand.

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Joe undergoes Borgification

Friday 18th October 2013, 3.50pm (day 785)

Borgification, 18/10/13

As anticipated in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Or possibly, just a visit to the local optician.

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Clare’s eye

Saturday 20th October 2012, 2.45pm (day 422)

Clare's eye, 20/10/12

Been a while since the wife featured: 21st August in fact. One thing about her is that she does have this cracking pair of eyes on her, thanks to the green-and-orange colouring. See for yourself.

Incidentally I got another picture today of her eye in which I, the photographer, was clearly reflected in her contact lens – clever, but it didn’t make her iris look as good as this one. So I’ll choose this one. She’ll thank me for it… I hope. (And yes, I know I did this theme once before with Joe, but again, it was worth revisiting.)

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Joe’s eye

Sunday 25th March 2012, 3.15pm (day 213)

Joe's eye, 25/3/12

Glorious day today, as warm as anywhere I’ve been since last August. Most of the population was out today enjoying it, whether in town, the woods, wherever. I took lots of good photos and the choice was a hard one today, but I picked this just because it’s different, and you’ve seen a lot of photos of town and woods before. Isn’t this beautiful? Like I said with the moss the other day, how much detail there sometimes is when you look closely enough. (Note that you can just see the lens of the camera reflected, almost centrally, in his pupil.)

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