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My nan’s harder

Saturday 10th February 2018, 11.55am (day 2,361)

My nans harder, 10/2/18

A day spent entirely at or in the vicinity of home was never going to be easy photographically, so let’s pick up some more of HB’s amusing graffiti to epitomise the day. Plenty of post-processing was needed to bring out the blue of the spray paint. But if only I could add the missing apostrophe without feeling like a total pedant.

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Prefabs and posters

Friday 8th December 2017, 9.15am (day 2,297)

Prefabs and posters, 8/12/17Last day of a long week spent mostly (Monday aside) in Manchester. Was worried it was going to be a day too far but some good things happened and in the morning, at least, it was sunny. So here’s another picture of a building site. But a sunny one.

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Misty morning

Friday 27th October 2017, 8.05am (day 2,255)

Misty building site, 27/10/17

It became a very bright and sunny day in Manchester but at 8am the whole city centre was wreathed in this rather eerie mist. A long and busy week comes to an end; time for a break….

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Alley off Trafalgar Street, Brighton

Sunday 10th September 2017, 10.40am (day 2,208)

Brighton alley, 10/9/17

I do like side streets. Particularly in an attractive place like Brighton, where the graffiti artists have talent and vision, on a relatively sunny morning.

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Anonymous critique of British politics

Monday 10th July 2017, 8.05am (day 2,146)

Poiitical statement, 10/7/17

Sums it up for me, in at least two different ways.

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Wednesday 5th July 2017, 3.50pm (day 2,141)

Underpass, 5/7/17

So scabbed has my walk to work become by various building sites of one form or another that each day I go into Manchester I find myself driven down further obscure corners of the urban architecture. And who is Gurn? Who knows what claims are made here?

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The rusty container (with smiley)

Monday 12th June 2017, 2.40pm (day 2,118)

Rusting container, 12/6/17

Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd, though considered by some authorities (e.g. the post office) to be the same place, are separated by a clear half-mile or so of space in which there are no houses or buildings on the main road or the path/lane that goes through the woods and along the river bank, the latter being my favoured way to walk between the two. And on that path, it is this rusting, graffiti-covered but still mostly intact cargo container stood in the woods that, for me, represents the moment at which I arrive in Mytholmroyd (though after that it’s still a good fifteen minutes’ walk to get to, say, Joe’s school, which is where I was heading today). It’s been close to getting on the blog for some time now — let’s finally feature it. I like the ‘smiley face’ in the rust to top right.

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Before I die I want to…

Thursday 2nd March 2017, 4.35pm (day 2,016)

Before I die, 2/3/17

An ‘installation’, I guess you’d call this, on campus at the moment…. Probably a huge amount of sociological analysis to be done here.

And how would I answer this question? Well, my bucket list is actually getting a few things ticked off it this year, if all works out (e.g. Japan, midnight sun, eclipse), so maybe I should think of some new ones. Or be all Zen about it, accept that my life could end at any time, and just take what’s coming — while continuing to faithfully record it of course.

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By the slip road

Thursday 17th November 2016, 8.10am (day 1,911)

Mancunian Way flyover, 17/11/16

An early start this morning. This slip road leads up to the flyover under which I cross the Mancunian Way each time I walk to the office.

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Flyover (Mancunian Way)

Tuesday 14th June 2016, 9.45am (day 1,755)

Mancunian Way, 14/6/16

Over 11 years of walking from Manchester Victoria station to my office at uni I have honed my route to reach work in as direct a fashion as possible but to still go down the quietest and most chilled-out streets. I think after 11 years I have finally perfected it. This lane underneath the Mancunian Way is virtually unused now, except by occasional pedestrians like me, the occasional homeless guy and the local graffiti establishment. And yes, this morning it was still raining.

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