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Ducks are for life

Monday 5th December 2022, 11.50am (day 4,120)

Ducks message, 5/12/22

In an ideal world, this message would end, “…. and not just for Christmas”, but sadly it does not. Then again, it’s been up for several months now, waiting only for an otherwise opportunity-light day of photography for its chance to be shared with you, my faithful readers. So this is not the seasonal reference it may seem.

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So long, Nutclough

Sunday 9th October 2022, 11.05am (day 4,063)

So long, Nutclough, 9/10/22

It’s not a metaphor, honestly. I was going no further than the supermarket. But this message is a new addition to the neigbourhood.

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Monday 31st January 2022, 3.15pm (day 3,812)

Tree communication, 31/1/22

Communicating by carving a message into a tree is known as ‘blazing’ — something I only found out immediately before posting this, thanks to the ever-fascinating Wikipedia. The most famous blazed tree is probably one in Queensland, where a message was left in 1861 for a party of explorers that was never found. I doubt this one, on the path from Hebden Bridge to Mytholmroyd, is as significant in historical terms, but obviously it meant something to someone at the time. And, thanks to this post, to me too, here and now.

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