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Faerie bath

Tuesday 2nd October 2018, 12.55pm (day 2,595)

Faery bath, 2/10/18

As well as a profusion of fruit this year does seem to have produced larger-than-usual amounts of fungi. I don’t know what species is this butter-coloured toadstool, but I liked the way one of them had turned up its edges and thus allowed a little pool of water to gather at the top, that then glinted in what sunlight had managed to push through the trees above. Like a little bird-bath in a garden. The fairies gather…

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Fly agaric

Tuesday 8th October 2013, 3.35pm (day 775)

Fly Agaric, 8/10/13
Had a day’s work to do in London today, and walked through Trafalgar Square and Soho for the first time in years, but this was the winning picture today. Amanita muscaria – fly agaric – I haven’t seen one of these in years either. Sort-of poisonous, but people have been known to eat it anyway. No idea why. Taken in the grounds of Rose Bruford College in Sidcup.

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Garden fungus, Hebden Bridge

Saturday 10th September 2011, 12.30pm (day 16)

Garden fungus, 10/9/11

I nearly put up a picture of the Championship table, to show the mighty Brighton & Hove Albion FC top after yet another win. Who knows, perhaps that will be my last chance. But I suspect not. So we’ll have a picture of this impressive fungus instead, which might not be there next week either.

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