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Katoomba Station

Wednesday 13th March 2013, 9.15am (day 566)

Katoomba station, 13/3/13

Start of the first leg of my journey back to Brisbane, where I now reside. (Well, second leg, if you count the walk up Katoomba’s main street to reach the station.) I like the various curves of the platform, and do wonder what the guy in the background is actually up to.

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Helicopter in front of the Three Sisters, Katoomba

Tuesday 12th March 2013, 9.50am (day 565)

Helicopter and 3 sisters, 12/3/13

This is an early post today but I did all my walking and photographing before 1.30, out over the gorges that lie to the south of this town. Having shot this pretty much straight into the sun I was having real problems getting the colour balance right until I experimented with not having colour at all, and, well, here you go. It’ll do.

Incidentally this shot brings to an end a run of no fewer than 21 consecutive afternoon shots on this blog. The last time I posted a photo taken before noon was on 18th February, in Dunedin. The last time I posted a photo taken before 9am was on 17th January, which also happened to be the last day I went to work in Manchester prior to my sabbatical. I really don’t think the lack of pre-9am photos since is a coincidence, do you?

Anyway that’s the end of my four-week road trip: back to Brisbane tomorrow.

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Mushroom seat

Monday 11th March 2013, 1.50pm (day 564)

Mushroom seat, 11/3/13

Difficult choice of picture today because I am currently in the highly picturesque Blue Mountains town of Katoomba, which is surrounded by spectacular sandstone mountains, pillars and gorges. But I’m off walking round here tomorrow as well, and I don’t want to repeat myself – also the light wasn’t so good today. So hopefully you should see pictures of the landscape tomorrow. And if not, well, there’s plenty already online I’m sure.

So here’s today’s photo instead. I think this is a very cute little mushroom and the fly sitting on the top has something of Lewis Carroll’s caterpillar… don’t you think? Just a little bit?

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