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Sunday 11th October 2015, 12.05pm (day 1,508)

Toadstools, 11/10/15

For all that it represents the time of the year’s decline into old age there is something fine about autumn. It permits us to see the ways the cycle of life keeps itself turning. Fungi come into their own, consuming what they can before the cold freezes things up entirely.

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Leprechaun Village, Nutclough Woods

Sunday 2nd October 2011, 4.40pm (day 38)

Leprechaun village, 2/10/11

Growing out of a tree trunk, in the woods over the road, spotted while walking off a big roast dinner. Well, OK, it’s probably not a real leprechaun village, but who knows for sure.

Mind you, come to think of it, I don’t live in Ireland.

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