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Taverna, dominant lifeform

Friday 7th June 2019, 4.00pm (day 2,843)

Taverna cats, 7/6/19

If you’ve been anywhere near the Mediterranean you know that it’s an ecosystem in which cats are one of the dominant lifeforms. These three are in charge of the taverna lying near the house of the friends I have come here to visit. Last day in Corfu. May it be less time than eight more years until I return.

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Cat portrait

Wednesday 30th July 2014, 9.05am (day 1,070)

Cat close up, 30/7/14

Wandered out this morning on some inconsequential errand or other and took a shot of some random vista with a cat in the middle distance. Said cat then came straight over to me and virtually demanded that I did its close-ups. Well, who am I to refuse.

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Cat behind gate

Wednesday 11th January 2012, 8.55am (day 139)

Cat behind gate, 11/1/12

Dogs are too needy, and I don’t do needy. Cats combine beauty with a couldn’t-give-a-toss attitude that I find much more admirable. This one might well have haughtily ignored me on a different day but today it was quite prepared to act as a model. Actually I think it just wanted me to open the gate and let it out, but I didn’t have the key, so took without giving back.

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