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The ironworks guide, Blists Hill

Wednesday 19th August 2020, 3.50pm (day 3,282)

Blists Hill ironworks, 19/8/20

Once a derelict patch of post-industrial ruin, the area of Blists Hill in Telford has become a ‘Victorian town’ — a home for retired residential, commercial and industrial buildings, rebuilt or replicated in the valley of the Ironbridge Gorge.  It’s a tourist attraction, sure, but a pretty interesting one.  This chap shows off some machinery in the old ironworks that is clearly his pride and joy.

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Agricultural debris

Sunday 23rd August 2015, 2.55pm (day 1,459)

Agricultural machinery, 23/8/15

Passed on a walk through the countryside, on a muggy day. I dislike this kind of agricultural mess (why should someone feel free to litter the place just because they farm it?) while at the same time liking it as a subject for a picture.

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Saturday 8th August 2015, 12.20pm (day 1,444)

Valve, 8/8/15

Beautiful, sunny day, spent out with the family at the Keighley & Worth Valley railway. I pick this valve as today’s shot because I think it looks like a space station. Go on, tell me you see it.

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The Terminator’s pet T. Rex

Thursday 16th February 2012, 5.20pm (day 175)

Metal dinosaur, 16/2/12

Sensational happenings in St Peter’s Square, Manchester city centre, this evening, as this photographer snaps undeniable proof that we have, indeed, been attacked by killer robots from outer space. I would have stuck around to collect marketable shots of the aftermath, but I had to go home for my tea. (There are more on Facebook, if you are interested.)

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