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The Museum of Icelandic Punk, Reykjavik

Wednesday 3rd July 2019, 2.20pm (day 2,869)

Iceland punk museum, 3/7/19

Time for a summer holiday. Time for the blog’s 36th country: Iceland. Time for tiny but endearing museums devoted to the Icelandic punk rock scene from the 1970s on, built in old subterranean public toilets. The fabled landscape of Iceland? I’ll capture this if it stops raining. It’s forecast to: eventually.

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The world’s urinals (part 2)

Friday 6th July 2018, 6.20pm (day 2,507)

Urinals, 6/7/18

All human life is here. If the first set of urinals could make it onto the blog, so can these.

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Flower urinals

Sunday 20th March 2016, 11.15am (day 1,669)

Flower urinals, 20/3/16

With a determination not to repeat myself on this blog, if one had extended the timeline long enough into the future then I guess it was inevitable urinals would appear on here at some point. But with these being rather pretty ones, hey, here they are today. These are installed at a garden centre, if you’re wondering what the point is.

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