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Piccadilly Pigeons

Friday 4th January 2019, 1.20pm (day 2,689)

Piccadilly pigeons, 4/1/19

Back into Manchester for work-related reasons for the first time since 18th December. The Christmas holidays are over for us all. These pigeons ponder the possibility of a dip in the fountains of Piccadilly Gardens, but understandably refuse — it was a chilly day, winter has its bite back to some extent.

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Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

Monday 14th October 2013, 11.40am (day 781)

Piccadilly Gardens, 14/10/13

My perambulations through the centre of Manchester do seem to get later and later, don’t they. If the city has a symbolic centre, Piccadilly Gardens is probably it — no, not Old Trafford (which isn’t actually in Manchester anyway). This shot makes it look vaguely pastoral, which is why I like it: actually the place is a concrete jungle. A pretty intense rain shower stopped a couple of minutes beforehand.

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Pigeon feeding, Manchester

Monday 23rd April 2012, 4.45pm (day 242)

Pigeon feeding, 23/4/12

I’m in the middle of what is, for me, quite a long run of days without going anywhere in particular. So I have to find photographic succour in Hebden Bridge and Manchester, familiar territory but there’s plenty to see if you look around.

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