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The last Muscovy duck

Tuesday 22nd October 2019, 4.55pm (day 2,980)

Last Muscovy duck, 22/10/19

First, there was the one Muscovy duck that took up residence at Hebden Bridge canal marina — this one. Then several more turned up (and had a few fights). But for a while now I have only seen one again, not the original one but this all-white one, which has made a couple of earlier blog appearances itself. The others have either died or moved on, leaving this one behind. Maybe it just likes it here. Or, maybe it is terribly lonely.

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Muscovy duck

Wednesday 12th June 2019, 5.25pm (day 2,848)

Muscovy duck, 12/6/19

Another of Hebden Bridge’s resident birds makes a reappearance on the blog — 8/11/15 was the same Muscovy duck, for instance. Not that it looks very happy about it today. Perhaps it’s just glum about the gloomy weather, the same as the rest of us.

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Duck portrait

Tuesday 17th July 2018, 5.05pm (day 2,518)

Duck portrait, 17/7/18

Little is happening in my life at the moment nor will do so for a few weeks yet, so in the absence of much other inspiration it’s helpful when one of the marina’s Muscovy ducks exhibits its natural tendencies to pose for the camera. It’s that innately smiley face that does it. They seem quite happy creatures in their little colony.

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Nice weather for (Muscovy) ducks

Sunday 19th March 2017, 5.05pm (day 2,033)

Muscovy duck, 19/3/17

It’s been raining since about Friday morning, though did stop in the afternoon — a good thing seeing as the river was rising. Drove one representative of the local Muscovy duck colony off the water anyway; not that things were much less damp in town for it.

Off to Japan tomorrow. Forgive me if updates don’t arrive daily, at least for the next few days. There will be plenty to see I’m sure.

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Muscovy duck, cleaning

Sunday 8th November 2015, 2.50pm (day 1,536)

Duck cleaning, 8/11/15

I am sure the Muscovy duck gets as much pleasure from a good solid self-probing like this as we do a good shower. I know this picture could be sharper but this was a long zoom on a very gloomy day. A decent, stress-free weekend, but not at all a sunny one: we are heading for deepest November, the dullest period of the whole year.

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Duck with quiff

Friday 17th July 2015, 5.55pm (day 1,422)

Muscovy duck, 17/5/15

Wouldn’t you like your hair to be that carefully coiffed on a daily basis — particularly if you lived rough in the centre of town. I am sure this is Hebden’s original Muscovy duck, as opposed to one of the additional group that arrived last year — compare it to this shot for example. Which puts it ahead of Tara the pub dog as the first animal to appear five times on the blog (and only four people, including myself, have appeared more often).

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Duck fight

Saturday 3rd January 2015, 3.20pm (day 1,227)

Ducks fighting, 3/1/15

The muscovy ducks on the marina were getting aggressive this afternoon. Two began fighting, I assume over the third, all-white one (a female?) visible in the background of this shot, looking on while the battle she has provoked rages in her honour. Couldn’t alter the camera settings quickly enough to have a chance of capturing the shot with any sharpness, considering how fast they were moving in the low light. But what gets me about it is their placid-looking smiley faces, which here persist even when a rival is pecking on one’s back.

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Taking a drink

Saturday 18th October 2014, 2.15pm (day 1,150)

Taking a drink, 18/10/14

In recent months the Muscovy duck which has featured several times on this blog has been joined by four more, all said to have escaped (or been deliberately released) from a duck farm nearby — which is probably where the ‘original’ one came from as well, as this species is not native to Europe. However, if there are both boys and girls in the flock now, who knows, perhaps we could start a whole new Yorkshire colony. This is one of the newer ones, taking a drink on a Saturday afternoon.

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The Muscovy duck finds a companion

Wednesday 28th May 2014, 4.10pm (day 1,007)

Muscovy duck, 28/5/14

It is over two years since this creature set up home in Hebden Bridge marina, first appearing on the blog in February 2012. As I have observed before, it is a long way from its natural home. I saw it standing outside the entrance to the tourist information office this afternoon, and thought at first that it was after food or something, but looking at this shot I wonder whether it might not just have been finding company in its reflection. This is the Muscovy duck’s fourth appearance on the blog (the remaining unlinked one is here) — few people have been on it as often.

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The Muscovy duck finds a space for the night

Friday 6th December 2013, 7.05pm (day 834)

Muscovy duck, 6/12/13

This Muscovy duck now lives permanently by the canal in the centre of town, opposite the Railway pub. (The wood beneath it on this photo is the gate of the dry dock.) It has been here for nearly two years now, and this is its third appearance on the blog, making it the first animal to definitively appear on here three times (as many times as my mother-in-law, I note…). According to Avian Web, the species is native to South America but is spreading through North America. It is certainly not native to the UK, or even Europe. Either it got blown a long way from home or — more likely — it is an escaped pet. It seems to have found for itself an amenable spot to retire to, either way.

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