Duck with quiff

Friday 17th July 2015, 5.55pm (day 1,422)

Muscovy duck, 17/5/15

Wouldn’t you like your hair to be that carefully coiffed on a daily basis — particularly if you lived rough in the centre of town. I am sure this is Hebden’s original Muscovy duck, as opposed to one of the additional group that arrived last year — compare it to this shot for example. Which puts it ahead of Tara the pub dog as the first animal to appear five times on the blog (and only four people, including myself, have appeared more often).

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One thought on “Duck with quiff

  1. […] there was the one Muscovy duck that took up residence at Hebden Bridge canal marina — this one. Then several more turned up (and had a few fights). But for a while now I have only seen one […]

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