Duck fight

Saturday 3rd January 2015, 3.20pm (day 1,227)

Ducks fighting, 3/1/15

The muscovy ducks on the marina were getting aggressive this afternoon. Two began fighting, I assume over the third, all-white one (a female?) visible in the background of this shot, looking on while the battle she has provoked rages in her honour. Couldn’t alter the camera settings quickly enough to have a chance of capturing the shot with any sharpness, considering how fast they were moving in the low light. But what gets me about it is their placid-looking smiley faces, which here persist even when a rival is pecking on one’s back.

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One thought on “Duck fight

  1. […] up residence at Hebden Bridge canal marina — this one. Then several more turned up (and had a few fights). But for a while now I have only seen one again, not the original one but this all-white one, […]

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