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Thursday 2nd November 2017, 9.20am (day 2,261)

Demolition, 2/11/17

The ‘Manchester Technology Centre’ on Cloak Street clearly is no longer technological enough, as it becomes the latest building in the city centre to succumb to ‘creative destruction’. Will the fabled eco-park finally arise in its place?

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The central Manchester building site

Thursday 3rd September 2015, 10.30am (day 1,470)

Kent Street, 3/9/15

The whole of Manchester city centre is currently a building site, has been for months, and is scheduled to be so for many more months yet. But it seems to be spreading beyond just the new tramline (the ostensible reason for the chaos) and into the associated demolition of various other locations — the building being torn down here was the one on the right on this shot, for example. Who knows what the final plan will be.

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Sweeping up, Old Gate

Tuesday 6th August 2013, 8.35am (day 712)

Sweeping up, 6/8/13

This demolition site — old industrial premises — in the centre of town has been close to getting on the blog for a couple of weeks now, today it’s made it. Seems a bit strange to be sweeping up at the start of the working day, but I’m just a sedentary intellectual type, what do I know.

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The old BBC building, later

Tuesday 11th September 2012, 4.05pm (day 383)

BBC demolition, 11/9/12

Told you not long ago that this place was all coming down. I like the combination of light and dust cloud on this shot.

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The Terminator’s pet T. Rex

Thursday 16th February 2012, 5.20pm (day 175)

Metal dinosaur, 16/2/12

Sensational happenings in St Peter’s Square, Manchester city centre, this evening, as this photographer snaps undeniable proof that we have, indeed, been attacked by killer robots from outer space. I would have stuck around to collect marketable shots of the aftermath, but I had to go home for my tea. (There are more on Facebook, if you are interested.)

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