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View from Grisedale Pike

Saturday 7th September 2019, 12.35pm (day 2,935)

View from Grisedale Pike, 7/9/19

This isn’t quite the summit of Grisedale Pike, which at 2,593′ above sea level, commands a prospect that range from the Pennines (visible in the background of this shot) to the hills of southern Scotland. But you get the gist, even from this slightly less elevated position. I did have a cute shot from within the woods of Whinlatter below, but let’s get expansive. I spent too much time today tramping round under cover of trees — I want some fresh air and views.

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World’s Biggest Pencil

Saturday 5th January 2012, 10.50am (day 499)

Big pencil, 5/1/13

As verified by the Guinness World Records people, the world’s biggest working pencil is 26 feet or 7.9 meters long, and weighs 984 pounds or 446.3kg. It lies suspended from the ceiling of the Cumberland Pencil Museum in Keswick, above Joe’s head as he rests after the exertions and celebrations of yesterday.

Tomorrow it’s day 500 of this daily photo blogĀ  – quite a milestone. To celebrate I will add some more photos to the Best of the Rest page, and also update the Stats page.

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Shepherds’ monument

Friday 4th January 2013, 3.00pm (day 498)

Shepherds' Monument, 4/1/13

This monument to two shepherds, Edward and Joseph Hawell, stands just above the car park at the end of Gale Road, near Keswick, on the path up to Skiddaw, England’s fourth-highest mountain. But I did not climb Skiddaw today. I (and Clare and Joe, pictured here inspecting the Hawell cross) climbed Lonscale Fell and Latrigg, the gentle green slopes of which are visible behind them (the fell in the far background being High Rigg). Latrigg was the 214th Wainwright fell I have climbed – and there are 214 in total.

So it was the last one. I have completed my project. Well… better find something else to do I suppose.

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