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The cricketers of Keswick

Saturday 25th July 2020, 2.35pm (day 3,257)

Keswick cricket, 25/7/20

Over these months of lockdown it has become apparent that Our Glorious Leadership have been taking decisions on an arbitrary basis.  What is ‘safe’, what is not? What is healthy, what is not? No one really knows.  So, on the evidence of activities taking place in Fitz Park, Keswick, today, cricket is OK, including having spectators present — but not yet football, oh no.  And I don’t mean here the type of football played in front of 30,000 packed together and sweaty fans, but the sort that keeps people fit and provides enjoyment for a few dozen.  That is, the sort I like best.  I am not griping about the fact there was cricket in Keswick today: I think it’s a good thing.  But there seems no reason why, for instance, the football club (Keswick FC) that play in the same park shouldn’t be back in action soon.  Unless you talk to Our Glorious Leadership.

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Cricket on Midsummer’s Day

Sunday 21st June 2015, 5.10pm (day 1,396)

Midsummer cricket, 21/6/15

Cripes. Can it get any more English? Midsummer’s Day, the weather wasn’t great, but then again it wasn’t terrible either (certainly better than three years ago today, and its aftermath); in all, a good day was had. I have no idea how this match turned out by the way — I was just passing.

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