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Hopegill Head in the clouds

Tuesday 21st August 2018, 12.40pm (day 2,553)

Hopegill Head clouds, 21/8/18

I’m still off work and have no intention of going back for a few days yet, so time for another Lake District walk. Rather dull, grey weather did limit the photo opportunities, but with this shot, of the fell known as Hopegill Head, seen from the north, there was a rare moment of faint sunlight which caught the clouds and the green fellside below.

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Angletarn Pikes summit

Monday 6th August 2018, 11.40am (day 2,538)

On Angletarn Pikes, 6/8/18

On the higher of the two summits of Angletarn Pikes, the gentleman seems determined to draw the attention of his wife towards the less interesting half of the view.

There’s something strange going on with this shot don’t you think? It almost looks artificial, like the two models are in a studio and the mountains are back projected. Brothers Water looks strange too, like all this is a collage I’ve pieced together and then stuck on a bit of tin foil in a deconstructionist kind of way.

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View from Mickle Door, Crinkle Crags

Saturday 12th May 2018, 12.15pm (day 2,452)

View from Mickle Door, 12/5/18

On a day of ideal walking weather, the Lake District was not a place to go to for the solitude — at least, not the parts of it that I hung out in, namely Great Langdale and the 2816 feet (858m) summit of Crinkle Crags, one of Wainwright’s “Top SIx Fells”. But I cannot begrudge anyone else their enjoyment of the fine conditions today. We are just the same, after all.

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Walker on Pike o’Blisco (better weather)

Tuesday 13th March 2018, 11.20am (day 2,392)

Pike o'Blisco, 13/3/18

Back in the foul summer of 2012, on 23rd August 2012 in fact, I pictured a walker up in the wilds south of Great Langdale with Pike o’Blisco in the background. Well, here is another walker, actually up on the summit of that fell; and as you can see, the weather was thankfully rather better today. (That is Wetherlam in the background.) I did speculate today about how many nice photos like this I might feature on, unknowingly.

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Raise, from White Side

Wednesday 29th November 2017, 1.15pm (day 2,288)

Raise from White Side, 29/11/17

I had a book to read for work. I read it today. Did I need to be in an office to do this? No, I didn’t.

There are actually two other people (who had the same idea as me) visible on this photo. While away a pleasant couple of minutes seeing if you can locate them.

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Sheep on Rough Crag

Friday 28th July 2017, 3.50pm (day 2,164)

Sheep on Rough Crag, 28/7/17

Back out into the mountains — for a long and rather difficult walk from Coniston to Eskdale. This shot was taken towards the end, by which time I had already done 12 miles and was feeling rather knackered. The sheep seen here probably wondered what I was doing out on their heaf. I was wondering this too, to some extent.

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Styhead Gill

Tuesday 2nd May 2017, 2.15pm (day 2,077)

Sty Head, 2/5/17

I worked Sunday and Monday (I have witnesses) so this was a walk day. Destination, the well-known peak of Great Gable: pictured here, however, is Great End, rising above the stream of Styhead Gill which comes down from Sty Head, one of the major walkers’ crossroads of Lakeland. A very fine day, the sort that makes one glad one has a flexible job sometimes.

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View east from Sail

Friday 7th April 2017, 12.10pm (day 2,052)

Descending Sail, 7/4/17

The summit of Sail is 2536 feet above sea level but the fell is described by Wainwright as ‘the least obtrusive of the 2,500-footers’ and he has a point, there’s not really much to it. Still, it was the highest point reached on my walk today, and the view is a good one despite the grey clouds: the distinct northern group (Skiddaw and Blencathra) on the horizon, Keswick below. A good walk today — I’m having my weekend Friday and Saturday.

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Steel Knotts

Monday 6th February 2017, 10.50am (day 1,992)

Steel Knotts, 6/2/17

Three-day weekend, so went out on a walk before the weather deteriorated and I had to go back to work. Steel Knotts is only 1412 feet above sea level but asserts itself ruggedly among the taller fells all around.

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Combe Gill

Monday 2nd January 2017, 11.20am (day 1,957)

Combe Gill, 2/1/17

Public holiday today, and a beautiful day of weather, so I made the most of it and went on a Lake District walk. The remaining photos will be up on my other blog some time tomorrow morning. Combe Gill is a hanging valley above upper Borrowdale, tucked into the massif that is known as Glaramara. And yes, there’s something, well, intimate-looking about it.

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