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Birch avenue

Sunday 26th October 2014, 2.10pm (day 1,158)

Birch avenue, 26/10/14

Third consecutive Sunday spent up in the air on my way somewhere — in this case, like two Sundays ago, Moscow. This shot was taken on the final approach in to Domodedovo airport. Probably I break a few composition rules here but hey, that’s what rules are for, right?

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Sunrise after take-off

Saturday 22nd September 2012, 7.25am (day 394)

Domodedovo sunrise, 22/9/12

There are only so many things you can capture on camera when you spend most of the day on a plane. I know I have done the theme – the picture taken just after take-off from Domodedovo – before, but what the hell, different day, different sunrise, different picture, different beauty.

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Arrivals hall, Domodedovo airport

Sunday 24th June 2012, 8.10pm (day 304)

Arrivals hall, 24/6/12

Well, here we are, off again. To a country that may have massive political and social problems, but has at least heard of the notion that in June, it’s supposed to be summer.

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The one decent thing about air travel

Thursday 29th March 2012, 7.20am (day 217)

Above Domodedovo, 29/3/12

Well, there’s the views and then there’s the chance to get wine 24 hours a day (and sometimes for free). Oh yeah, and the occasional decent movie. (Watched The Ides of March today. Recommended.)

This photo was taken 5 minutes after take-off from Domodedovo airport, Moscow.

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Self-portrait, Domodedovo Airport, early morning

Sunday 11th December 2011, 4.50am (day 108)

Domodedovo, early morning, 11/12/11

Well, this is certainly the earliest time yet for a daily pic, by a margin of some 110 minutes. Still, it could have been worse. It could have been Sheremetyevo airport. (This wry comment of course means nothing to anyone unfamiliar with the pleasures of Russian airspace.)

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