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Maid Marian Way

Wednesday 4th August 2021, 8.55am (day 3,632)

Maid Marian Way, 4/8/21

Here’s 1960s town planning for you. Build a concrete monstrosity of a street in the centre of your city, with a car park on top of it, and name it after a female character from that city’s history who was alluring enough to appeal to its most dashing hero. Maid Marian’s appeal is at least hinted at by whomever decorated the wall, but that’s scant consolation.

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Subway under Brook Street, Manchester

Friday 13th December 2013, 8.50am (day 841)

Subway, 13/12/13

There is often beauty in unexpected places. This is all done with concrete, graffiti and strips of fluorescent light.

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