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Waiting room

Wednesday 8th August 2018, 9.25am (day 2,540)

Waiting room, 8/8/18

The waiting room as a metaphor for life? It certainly feels true this week, though not in an unpleasant or frustrating way. The travels begin on Friday.

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Waiting room

Thursday 8th February 2018, 4.50pm (day 2,359)

Waiting room, 8/2/18

And how do you know it is a dentist’s waiting room? From the pencil pot shaped like a molar, of course. Quite upstages the fish in the background.

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Oxenhope station waiting room

Friday 1st April 2016, 3.15pm (day 1,681)

Waiting room, 1/4/16

The last train of the day (on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway) has gone already — we are waiting here for a bus, not a train, the weather was far too grim to wait outside. Joe’s face on this shot amuses me.

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Waiting for the late train

Friday 13th November 2015, 8.10am (day 1,541)

Waiting room, 13/11/15

I will spare Northern Rail further public shaming regarding their performance over the last two days…. oh what the hell, why should I. It’s been dreadful. I got a train this morning that was 35 minutes and two trains earlier than the one which should have got me to work on time and I still barely made it. Here, I and others wait out the ineptitude in the waiting room on platform 1 of Hebden Bridge station; the woman on the far left has busted the photographer.

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Waiting room at the clinic

Friday 14th February 2014, 9.55am (day 904)

Waiting room, 14/2/14

Had to do my 10 minutes in this place today, to get processed through the system in a certain way. But it needs doing, and it’s something to photograph. I remain around home, Hebden Bridge, for a considerably stable period, relative to my usual movements.

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Dentist’s waiting room

Tuesday 17th April 2012, 3.40pm (day 236)

Waiting room, 17/4/12

Spent most of the day working at home and otherwise around familiar haunts. Only the six-monthly visit to the dentist’s gave opportunity for much variety and even then I had done the ‘treatment’ picture already. So here’s an abstract.

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