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Disco (throwback)

Friday 30th July 2021, 10.15pm (day 3,627)

Disco, 30/7/21

Discos/nightclubs — possibly the worst venue for photography, at least with my mediocre equipment. But, I don’t care! Because we were out in a nightclub! How 2010s is that?

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Friday night out

Friday 1st March 2019, 11.25pm (day 2,745)

Red Helen night, 1/3/19

Dreadful photo, but a fun night out in the Trades Club. This is about the best that can be done with my camera in such an environment, but evening photos have disappeared from the blog lately and I do want to acknowledge that now and again, I do still have a social life.

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Anna Fur Laxis performing at the Wet Spot, Leeds

Saturday 17th September 2011, 11.15pm (day 23)

Anna Fur Laxis, 17/9/11

All parents know that nights out become difficult to arrange. So if we’re going to have one, let’s do it properly.

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