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Free kick

Saturday 5th March 2016, 3.10pm (day 1,654)

Free kick, 5/3/16

Of all the genres of photography that I get the chance to try on this blog I think sports photography is the hardest. In part this is because I a) just don’t have the right equipment and b) when I am watching an event, at least one like this football match, I’m usually stuck in the same seat. This shot is OK, thanks mainly to the light, but it’s still not that great really because it has been cropped hugely, so has come out grainy. Brighton & Hove Albion hit this free kick towards the goal of their hosts, Preston North End, but nothing came of it — which was the story of the match as a whole, it finished 0-0.

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David Stockdale

Saturday 16th January 2016, 3.25pm (day 1,605)

Stockdale in snow, 16/1/16

David Stockdale, Brighton & Hove Albion’s goalkeeper, ponders today why he has a job that requires him to work outside on a day like this. But then again he’s quite handsomely paid for it. And, at least at one level, earned his money today, keeping a clean sheet as the Albion won 1-0 in the Blackburn snow. Snow has definitely been a key theme of this weekend.

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We are top of the league, I said we are top of the league

Saturday 28th November 2015, 5.05pm (day 1,556)

Top of the league, 28/11/15

Oh go on. I know it’s a cheat, but indulge me this once. Who knows, it might not happen again.

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Seagulls in Whitelocks

Saturday 17th October 2015, 1.50pm (day 1,514)

Seagulls in Whitelocks, 17/10/15

Oh, it’s always very nice to go to Leeds and win, although we (Brighton) seem to be making a habit of it… a 2-1 victory makes it six wins in our last seven games against Yorkshire’s ‘finest’. Tim and Jamie on the left constitute the other half (with Joe & I) of the Calderdale Seagulls… being based in the local area this is the one we want to win the most. I seem unable to take decent action shots of any football match, probably because I get too involved, but this picture encapsulates my day just fine.

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The Brighton end

Tuesday 18th August 2015, 7.55pm (day 1,454)

Brighton end, 18/8/15

The town of Huddersfield has now appeared three times on the blog, each time for the football, though this is the first time the actual stadium has made it. Third game of the 2015-16 Championship season, and rather amazingly, we (Brighton & Hove Albion FC) had won the first two and then scored after only 17 seconds of this game, hence the happy faces on the fans here. (The guy who has busted me taking the photo does make it, I think.) Final result: 1-1 draw, so the happiness faded, a little.

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Phil (last game of the season)

Saturday 2nd May 2015, 12.10pm (day 1,346)

Phil, Silly hat, 2/5/15

Last game of the 2014-15 Championship season. Most Brighton fans will follow this with, “thank God”. It’s not been one of our better ones. But we have avoided relegation, anyway, and today marked this with our annual ‘Flying Squad’ gathering at the last game, which this year was in Middlesbrough. A good atmosphere, a reasonable game, but 0-0, sums up our season. The Flying Squad are so named because many of them come in from abroad, including Phil here, who lives in Canada.

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Wigan 2, Brighton 1

Saturday 18th April 2015, 4.10pm (day 1,332)

Wigan v Brighton, 18/4/15

Back in November 2013 I mentioned that the town of Wigan had lost a chance to appear on the blog (preferring on the day a picture of scaffolding in Hebden Bridge). So here it is, the 138th different location to appear on this blog, yes, I do count these things.  I could talk about the football match that drew me there but I’m not going to. Let the symbolism of the picture suffice, the three players captured under the shadow of the DW Stadium’s west stand.

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Going to the match

Saturday 21st March 2015, 2.40pm (day 1,304)

Toward Ewood Park, 21/3/15

Ewood Park, home of Blackburn Rovers FC, is the ground ahead — one of only three grounds used in the very first season of the Football League (1888) that is still in use, so there’s a bit of history to it. When you approach it through these terraces it really is like being back in the 1950s. No idea why the guy is taking all that luggage to the game. Good day for us Brighton fans — we won 1-0.

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Goal celebrations, Amex stadium

Saturday 21st February 2015, 4.10pm (day 1,276)

Goal, Amex, 21/2/15
My fourth-ever trip to the Amex stadium, home of my beloved Brighton & Hove Albion since 2011, and this is the third time it has appeared on the blog. This was also the first time Joe has been able to visit. He’s declaring for the Albion, which is a brave move for a Yorkshire-born 11-year-old, so it was good to see an exciting game, and a win — 4-3 for Brighton over Birmingham City. This picture was taken just after Inigo Calderon put the Albion 2-1 up.

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Oscar the balloon

Sunday 4th May 2014, 12.05pm (day 983)

Oscar the balloon, 4/5/14

This was never intended to be today’s photo as it was just one of those jokey shots, but I kind of liked how it turned out. The balloon, recovered from yesterday’s celebrations at Nottingham, has been decorated in honour of Oscar Garcia, the hirsute and notably grumpy Brighton manager (see this image for instance).

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