Phone mast, late afternoon

Wednesday 28th December 2011, 2.40pm (day 125)

Phone mast, Hebden Bridge, 28/12/11

Few chances to take a good photo today until the sun began to go down. When you live in a valley the sun drops earlier than elsewhere and today the mast that is otherwise a minor blemish on the view marked the point at which it dipped below the horizon. Stonehenge – mobile communications mast – same thing? (From our house on Dec 28th each year, at least.)

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3 thoughts on “Phone mast, late afternoon

  1. […] the sun across the sky. Back in December it was setting behind the mobile phone mast you see here (and here); now it sets behind the houses much further round the valley. And the light hits bits and pieces […]

  2. […] I suppose at one level this repeats the ‘fire’ theme which has characterised the other two photos of the weekend, but not in quite the same way. Here we are, the sun starts to set behind the valley walls at 3.40pm now: it is truly winter. Although by mid-December the sunset will have reached as far east as the mobile phone mast to the left. […]

  3. […] mast across the valley — which has probably featured on a dozen shots or more by now (e.g. this one) — and the trees around it catch the first rays of sunlight to make it over the valley walls. […]

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