Breakfast on bed

Thursday 29th December 2011, 9.05am (day 126)

Breakfast on bed, 29/12/11

In the 126 days of this blog, few have been harder than today was when it came to finding inspiration. I worked at home all day, not leaving the house; the weather outside was flat grey skies and rain; I didn’t even have the other family members as subjects as both were out from early on and aren’t coming back until tomorrow.

But I have a duty to fulfil, so here is my best effort – given a little tweak by going black & white, which works on this shot, I think (and disguises how faded is the coloured fabric of the duvet cover). It also gives the eagle-eyed among you a chance to vet my sense of humour and football-related reading matter.

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2 thoughts on “Breakfast on bed

  1. fionawb says:

    Big grin at Python. 😀

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