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The mast, in autumn

Wednesday 3rd November 2021, 12 noon (day 3,723)

Mobile mast, autumn, 3/11/21

Hebden Bridge in autumn plumage. A nice place to be. Cold at the moment, though, but the trees look good.

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First light at the mobile mast

Thursday 17th January 2019, 8.35am (day 2,702)

Mobile mast, 17/1/19

As noted on Tuesday, this was another day spent entirely at home, but at least the sun was out. The mobile mast across the valley — which has probably featured on a dozen shots or more by now (e.g. this one) — and the trees around it catch the first rays of sunlight to make it over the valley walls. The bird is a little extra touch.

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Phone mast, late afternoon

Wednesday 28th December 2011, 2.40pm (day 125)

Phone mast, Hebden Bridge, 28/12/11

Few chances to take a good photo today until the sun began to go down. When you live in a valley the sun drops earlier than elsewhere and today the mast that is otherwise a minor blemish on the view marked the point at which it dipped below the horizon. Stonehenge – mobile communications mast – same thing? (From our house on Dec 28th each year, at least.)

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