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End of the food queue, half time

Saturday 7th October 2017, 4.00pm (day 2,235)

Bamber Bridge, half time, 7/10/17

The tour of English football competitions continues: number 8, the FA Trophy, at Bamber Bridge FC v Brighouse Town FC, Bamber Bridge lying just south of Preston in Lancashire. A grim day of weather, which this picture encapsulates — but, I must also add, an excellent day out, entertaining game of almost wholly non-cynical football, welcoming stadium… a fine cocktail to celebrate Non-League Day and all the roots that keep the sport I love going in this country.  4-2 to Bamber Bridge in the end. Maybe some of these fans got their food before the second half, too.

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Edgar Davids makes a substitution

Saturday 7th September 2013, 4.15pm (day 744)

Barnet substitution, 7/9/13

With no top- or second-level football matches on in England today because of the international games, fans were encouraged to go and support their local lower-division teams through an initiative known as ‘Non-League Day’ — whether this added much to the crowd at my local non-league team, Halifax Town, I cannot tell but it did get Joe & I down there. They enjoyed a 2-1 win over Barnet FC.

Interest was added for the neutrals by the appearance on the touchline of Barnet’s manager, Edgar Davids, who played 74 times for the Netherlands, mostly in his trademark glasses; having graced World Cup Finals he now plies his trade in the fifth tier of English football, which I find amazing really, as if Wayne Rooney were to end his career coaching in the Dutch third division. But here he is, giving advice with his assistant; Barnet were 2-0 down at this point and on their way to a first defeat of the season.

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