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Arriving for training

Friday 4th April 2014, 9.15am (day 953)

At the Shay, 4/4/14

Happened to be passing The Shay this morning, home of Halifax’s two professional sports teams, Halifax Town AFC and Halifax RLFC. Which one of the two this guy plays for I do not know, but I assume it was one or the other, what with his carrying a sports bag and all.

Incidentally, today constitutes a ‘photowhack’ — akin to a Googlewhack, in which one and only one result is obtained from a Google search, a photowhack is a day on which I get a totally acceptable Photo of the Day with the first, last and only photo I take on the day. This has happened only 2 or 3 times in all the days I have done the blog, but today was one. As soon as I got this pic I knew it would be the one.

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